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Our mission is to always add value to our partners by producing work that we are proud of. Have a look at some of our favourite projects across website design and development, e-commerce strategy, branding, digital marketing strategy – campaign planning and implementation, social media, digital advertising and email marketing.

Our Values

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UI & UX Design

Responsive Design

Collaborative & transparent relationship

Our Process

We will help you to get complete clarity on who you are as a brand, what you do and why you do it, as that should form the basis of all your strategic decisions. We will deliver results and benefits to your business.





Recent Projects

Find out more about our most recent projects.

Profix is a specialist repair company that can fix and cover up any damage to all types of surfaces. We carry out complete resurfacing for hardwood, vinyl and tiled floors. Also,  So if you are a homeowner who wants to remodel your bathroom or a builder tasked with the renovation of a property, you can rely on us. We can also repair damages to fixtures and fittings in your home.

Derry Decorators

Derry Decorators provides a wide range of local talent professionals in the Interior Design and Decoration industry in one single place. Find the professional advice that you need. If you are an Interior Designer or Decorator and are looking for visibility online for your business, you can become a partner.

Bee Flyer is a North West Ireland based direct marketing and promotions company. Started in 2014, we have previously worked with clients in London and Manchester as well as Derry, Belfast and across Ireland. Bee Flyer acts as an extension to existing marketing teams to provide services that require additional manpower, specialist sales, knowledge, and reach.

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